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Pact: Quiz


Question 1: ________ between Italy, Germany, and Japan (1940)
Tripartite PactAxis powersWorld War IIAdolf Hitler

Question 2: ________ between European Union member states about fiscal policy (1997)
EurozoneEuropean Central BankStability and Growth PactEuro Group

Question 3: In international politics, pacts are usually between two or more ________.
MexicoSovereign stateNicaraguaHaiti

Question 4: ________, organizing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (1949)
Central Intelligence AgencyAfghanistanNATONon-Aligned Movement

Question 5: ________ between Germany and Japan (1936)
Joachim von RibbentropAxis powersAnti-Comintern PactTripartite Pact

Question 6: ________ between Japan and the Soviet Union (1941)
HirohitoSoviet–Japanese Neutrality PactSecond Sino-Japanese WarMolotov–Ribbentrop Pact

Question 7: ________ between Germany and the Soviet Union (1939)
Eastern BlocJoseph StalinMolotov–Ribbentrop PactWinter War


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