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Pacifism: Quiz


Question 1: Pacifists in general reject theories of ________.
AristotleJust WarThomas AquinasPlato

Question 2: Pacifists follow principles of ________, believing that nonviolent action is morally superior and/or pragmatically most effective.
NonviolencePacifismAntimilitarismPeace movement

Question 3: Foremost among them were the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), ________, Mennonites and Church of the Brethren.

Question 4: During World War II pacifist leaders like ________ and Ammon Hennacy of the Catholic Worker Movement urged young Americans not to enlist in military service.
AnarchismDorothy DayEmma GoldmanChristian anarchism

Question 5: Compassion for all life, human and nonhuman, is central to ________, Buddhism, which was founded by Siddhattha Gotama, and also Jainism, founded by Mahavira 599–527 BCE.
HinduismReligious textAyyavazhiIndian religions

Question 6: However, some pacifists, such as the Christian anarchist ________, consider the state a form of warfare.
Leo TolstoyNestor MakhnoPeter KropotkinMikhail Bakunin

Question 7: During the periods between World Wars I and II, pacifist literature or public advocacy was banned in nations such as Italy under Mussolini, and ________ after the rise of Hitler.

Question 8: South African Bishop ________ is the most prominent Anglican pacifist.
Frederik Willem de KlerkNelson MandelaSouth Africa under apartheidDesmond Tutu

Question 9: The ________ people, whose name means 'Peaceful'[10] ("Hopi" is a contraction of /hopitu/ 'peaceful')[11], have followed religious doctrine that is generally "anti-war".
Navajo peoplePuebloan peoplesNavajo NationHopi

Question 10: Both the ________ and Mahavira were by birth kshatriya, the varna of soldiers and officials.
Gautama BuddhaAshoka the GreatBuddhism and HinduismBuddhism

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