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Question 1:
Who was a commander in the Pacific War?
Archibald Wavell
LtGen Harry M. Wyatt III
Col. Charles A. Beckwith

Question 2: Japan's imperialist goals in China were to maintain a secure supply of ________ and to have puppet governments in China that would not act against Japanese interests.
NatureConservation biologyNatural resourceHabitat conservation

Question 3: Navy, under Admiral ________, had responsibility for the rest of the Pacific Ocean.
United States NavyUnited States Navy officer rank insigniaUnited States Naval AcademyChester W. Nimitz

Question 4: [30] Four days after Pearl Harbor, ________ and Fascist Italy declared war on the United States, drawing the country into a two-theater war.
Adolf HitlerNazismAxis powersNazi Germany

Question 5: Alarmed at the strengthening of China under one government, the Japanese staged the Mukden Incident in 1931, using it as a pretext for an invasion of Manchuria and set up the puppet state of ________.
Outer ManchuriaNortheast ChinaManchukuoYuan Dynasty

Question 6: In January, Japan invaded ________, the Dutch East Indies, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and captured Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Rabaul.

Question 7:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Pacific War?
West Ukrainian People's Republic
Major Allied combatants

Question 8:
How many casualties were there in the Pacific War?
u2248 24.5+ million civilian casualties
~90,000 killed and wounded. n~1.1 million surrendered or captured
1 million enslaved,
2 million civilians displaced

Question 9: In 1927, Generalissimo ________ and the National Revolutionary Army of the Kuomintang (KMT) led the Northern Expedition.
Chiang Ching-kuoJoseph StalinChiang Kai-shekGeorge Marshall

Question 10: The operation was aimed at isolating the major Japanese forward base, at ________, and cutting its supply and communication lines.
New BritainRabaulPapua New GuineaKokopo

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