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Pacific States: Quiz


Question 1: The Indians were gathered around the missions and were taught farming and ranching along with the ________ religion.
Pope Gregory IPope John Paul IIPopeCatholic Church

Question 2: The power of Mexico City over ________ was never very great.
San Jose, CaliforniaCaliforniaSacramento, CaliforniaLos Angeles

Question 3: The Pacific States form one of the nine geographic divisions within the ________ that are officially recognized by that country's census bureau.
PhilippinesUnited StatesCanadaAlaska

Question 4: The first large group of settlers, following the ________ pioneered by the fur traders, reached Oregon in 1843.
Fort VancouverSalem, OregonOregon TrailOregon City, Oregon

Question 5: ________
Viceroyalty of New SpainHistory of the west coast of North AmericaUnited StatesPacific Northwest

Question 6: The fur traders carried east the news that the ________ of Oregon was a lush farming country.
Oregon TrailWillamette ValleySalem, OregonOregon City, Oregon

Question 7: Within the last 5000 years, temperature has fluctuated greatly, bringing on the Medieval Warm Period as well as the ________.
Current sea level riseGlacierClimate changeLittle Ice Age

Question 8: These tribes, who lived well by salmon ________ and hunting, were much more advanced than the Indians of southern California.
Fishing industryFishingFishing techniquesWild fisheries

Question 9: By the end of the 18th century Russian traders from ________ and New England captains were buying sea otter skins from the coastal Indians.
AlaskaUnited StatesHawaiiNorthwestern United States

Question 10: The Pacific States division is one of two divisions that are located within the ________'s Western region; the other Western division is the Mountain States.
Midwestern United StatesUnited States Census BureauSouthern United StatesNew England


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