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Pacific Gopher Snake: Quiz


Question 1: [1] It is reputed to sometimes consume ________.

Question 2: Their diet consists of small mammals, notably pocket gophers; ________ and their eggs; the occasional lizard and insect,[2] and even bats.
Modern birdsArchaeopteryxBirdEnantiornithes

Question 3: The Pacific Gopher Snake (Pituophis catenifer catenifer) is a species of small colubrid snake native to the western coast of the ________.
United StatesAlaskaPhilippinesCanada

Question 4: The ________ side may be cream-colored to yellowish with dark spots.
AnatomyEarDigestionAnatomical terms of location

Question 5: [2] In many areas, such as ________, California, the snake can be found in a striped morph.
Sonoma County, CaliforniaSolano County, CaliforniaNapa County, CaliforniaSan Mateo County, California


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