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Pacemaker syndrome: Quiz


Question 1: If symptoms persist after all these treatment modalities, replacing the ________ itself is sometimes beneficial and can alleviate symptoms.
Cardiac surgeryElectrocardiographyArtificial pacemakerDor procedure

Question 2: ________ - Dizziness, near syncope, and confusion.
Specialty (medicine)PsychiatryNeurosurgeryNeurology

Question 3: ________ may be pulsatile, and the RUQ may be tender to palpation.
Endocrine systemPancreasLiverImmune system

Question 4: ________ includes supportive treatment, in case any of the following complications happen, medical team should be ready.
Human rightsPropertyHealth careTorture

Question 5: No specific set of criteria has been developed for diagnosis of ________ syndrome.
Cardiac surgeryArtificial pacemakerDor procedureElectrocardiography

Question 6: Low ________ - Fatigue, weakness, dyspnea on exertion, lethargy, and lightheadedness.
Fetal circulationCardiac outputBlood pressureCirculatory system

Question 7: ________ related - Palpitations associated with arrhythmias
Blood pressureCirculatory systemHeart ratePulse

Question 8: This includes patients with ________ (hypertensive, hypertrophic, restrictive) and elderly individuals.
CardiomyopathyMyocarditisHeart diseaseHeart failure

Question 9: That's due to increase in left atrial pressure and left ventricular filling pressure, which is due to decreased ________ casued by dyssynchrony in atrial and ventricular contraction.
Blood pressureCirculatory systemCardiac outputFetal circulation

Question 10: Look for neck ________ distension and cannon waves in the neck veins.
Internal jugular veinVertebral veinVeinBrachiocephalic vein


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