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Question 1: In addition, the uranium(VI) tributyl phosphate system is able to extract ________ as pertechnetate through an ion pair extraction mechanism.

Question 2: The irradiated fuel is first dissolved into ________.
AmmoniaNitric acidSulfuric acidHydrofluoric acid

Question 3: PUREX is an acronym standing for Plutonium - URanium EXtraction — ________ standard aqueous nuclear reprocessing method for the recovery of uranium and plutonium from used nuclear fuel.
De factoUnited StatesUnited KingdomMorocco

Question 4: Unlike cadmium the concentration of ________ in these mixtures formed from fuel is very high.

Question 5: While the cadmium concentration in both the fuel dissolution liquor and the PUREX_raffinate is very low, the polymeric complex of ________ of diethyl phosphate is shown in the left image.

Question 6: It is based on ________ ion-exchange.
Liquid-liquid extractionAcid-base extractionAzeotropeDistillation

Question 7: Here is an example of a ________ version of a uranium / technetium complex which is thought to be responsible for the extraction of technetium into the organic phase.

Question 8: For other methods of reprocessing, see ________.
PlutoniumNuclear chemistryNuclear reprocessingUranium

Question 9: In response to the PUREX process' ability to extract ________ materials from the spent fuel, trade in the relevant chemicals is monitored.
Nuclear arms raceNuclear proliferationNuclear weaponNuclear weapons testing


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