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PSA TU engine: Quiz


Question 1: It will most likely be replaced by the Prince engines currently in development between the PSA Group and ________.
Volkswagen GroupArmstrong SiddeleyBMWRolls-Royce Limited

Question 2: It also powered the diesel version of the second generation of the ________ in Europe, but this version was not sold in the UK.
Nissan SunnyNissan MotorsNissan MarchNissan Tiida

Question 3: It had a displacement of 954 cc, with a bore of 70 mm and a ________ of 62 mm.
StrokeSubarachnoid hemorrhageCerebral venous sinus thrombosisCerebral aneurysm

Question 4: The PSA TU engine is a family of small four cylinder engines used in the ________ and Citroën range of cars.
Peugeot 402PeugeotPeugeot 206Peugeot 604

Question 5: The introduction of ________ led to the adoption of multipoint injection, but power remained the same (although there was a small torque increase).
Emission standardEuropean emission standardsAir pollutionACEA agreement

Question 6: The TU9 was the entry-level version, used in a variety of cars including the Citroën AX, Saxo, ________ and 106.
Peugeot 205Peugeot 309Peugeot 206Peugeot 307

Question 7: Production was stopped in the Citroen Saxo and Peugeot 106 with the introduction of ________ in 2001.
Air pollutionEmission standardACEA agreementEuropean emission standards

Question 8: This engine is the current entry-level option in the Citroën C2 and C3 and ________.
Peugeot 1007Peugeot 307Peugeot 207Peugeot 206

Question 9: Power was initially 45 PS (33 kW), but it was increased to 50 PS (37 kW) in 1992, with the adoption of central fuel injection and a ________.
Catalytic converterInternal combustion engineSpark plugAutomobile


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