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P90X: Quiz


Question 1: The system also stresses overall fitness by including bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups and ________, as well as plyometrics (jump training), yoga, and kenpō.
DeadliftStrength trainingBench pressPress-up

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did P90X have?
Power 90 Extreme
'Impromptu in Gb Major' Op 90 No 3.''
Nemesis '90 Kai
Airport '90

Question 3: P90X is an intensive 90-day home fitness program that combines a variety of exercise styles, including strength training, ________, and stretching.
VO2 maxMetabolismAerobic exercisePhysical exercise

Question 4: The workout routines come on 12 ________.
LaserdiscHD DVDDVDBlu-ray Disc

Question 5: Optional equipment includes a yoga mat for the abdominal and yoga portions, ________ handles (which increase the range of push-ups and put less stress on the wrists), and a heart rate monitor for the cardio workouts.
Bodyweight exerciseBench pressPress-upStrength training

Question 6: [5] In April 2008, P90X became the best-selling ________ of any type in the United States.
Broadcast syndicationFox Broadcasting CompanyInfomercialSaturday morning cartoon

Question 7: Horton honed the program in his Santa Monica, ________ workout studio, eventually using successful graduates from his classes when shooting the final workout videos.
Los AngelesCaliforniaSacramento, CaliforniaSan Jose, California

Question 8: The formula, marketed via ________ and other broadcast media, began selling well, and in 2004 Horton debuted his "extreme" version.
Broadcast syndicationFox Broadcasting CompanyInfomercialSaturday morning cartoon

Question 9: The background instructors include actress-aerialist Dreya Weber[8] and film actor Erik Stolhanske of the ________ comedy troupe.
Jay ChandrasekharKevin Heffernan (actor)Puddle CruiserBroken Lizard

Question 10: Since the program is done at home, the user needs to have dumbbells (usually 10s, 15s, 20s, and 25s) and a pull-up bar, or else a resistance band, for strength training exercises, along with a sturdy ________.
Ancient historyBritish MuseumChairUnited Kingdom


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