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P2 (storage media): Quiz


Question 1: The system includes cameras, decks as drop-in replacement for ________, and a special 5.25" computer drive for random access integration with NLE systems.
Video tape recorderCartrivisionVideoVideocassette recorder

Question 2: It features tapeless (non-linear) recording of DVCPRO, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO-HD, or AVC-Intra streams on a solid state ________ card.
Flash memoryRead-only memoryDynamic random access memoryRandom-access memory

Question 3: The HPX170 is very similar to the ________ and the HVX200A, the main difference being the lack of a tape drive on the 170.
CamcorderP2 (storage media)AVCHDList of Panasonic camcorders

Question 4: The cards can also be used directly where a PC card slot is available, as in most ________, as a normal disk drive, although a custom software driver must first be loaded.
Personal computerNetbookLaptopTablet PC

Question 5: P2 (P2 is short form for "Professional Plug-In") is a professional digital video storage media format introduced by Panasonic in ________, and especially tailored to ENG applications.


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