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Question 1: Contraction of the vas deferens during ________[1]
EjaculationOrgasmMasturbationSexual intercourse

Question 2: The general consensus is that P2X6 cannot form a functional homomeric receptor when expressed alone, but nevertheless can co-assemble with other subunits to form functional ________ receptors.
Alpha-4 beta-2 nicotinic receptorAlpha-7 nicotinic receptorHeteromerLigand-gated ion channel

Question 3: P2X receptors are also expressed on leukocytes, including lymphocytes and macrophages, and are present on blood ________.
PlateletBlood plasmaRed blood cellCoagulation

Question 4: This view was recently confirmed by the use of ________ to resolve the three-dimensional structure of the zebrafish P2X4 receptor [5](Figure 2).
Protein structureAtomX-ray crystallographyProtein

Question 5: For example, P2X2 and P2X3 subunits are commonly found co-expressed in ________, where they often co-assemble into functional P2X2/3 receptors.
OlfactionNociceptorSensory nerveSensory neuron

Question 6: P2X receptors are a family of cation-permeable ________ that open in response to the binding of extracellular adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP).
Ligand-gated ion channelSodium channelGeneral bacterial porin familyPotassium channel

Question 7: [1][8] Furthermore, P2X receptors are able to initiate contraction in cells of the heart muscle, ________, and various smooth muscle tissues, including that of the vasculature, vas deferens and urinary bladder.
Extrafusal muscle fiberCardiac muscleIntrafusal muscle fiberSkeletal muscle

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