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Ozymandias (Marvel Comics): Quiz


Question 1: He kept plotting against ________, who dispossessed him of his royal right to be pharaoh.
Stan LeeBlack Panther (comics)She-HulkKang the Conqueror

Question 2: The character first appeared in ________ #332, and was created by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Joe Madureira.
DeadpoolAlpha FlightUncanny X-MenCable (comics)

Question 3: Ozymandias returned to the ________, a clan of superpowered descendants of the supervillain, and posing as Apocalypse himself gave Chamber possibly omega-level powers similar to his ancestor's.
Acolytes (comics)Apocalypse (comics)Alpha FlightClan Akkaba

Question 4: Ozymandias is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by ________.
Marvel ComicsMarvel AnimationMarvel EntertainmentMarvel Studios

Question 5: He possesses minor ________ powers, and has on occasions demonstrated the ability to telekinetically animate stone.
PsychokinesisExtrasensory perceptionPrecognitionParapsychology

Question 6: For the Watchmen character, see ________
Dave GibbonsOzymandias (comics)Watchmen (film)Rorschach (comics)

Question 7: Ozymandias was once a warlord in ________.
Ancient EgyptAlexander the GreatNew KingdomPtolemaic Kingdom


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