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Question 1: The vast majority of divers breathe ________ or nitrox stored in a diving cylinder.
NatureEarthHistory of the EarthAtmosphere of Earth

Question 2: All equipment coming into contact with high pressure oxygen must be "oxygen clean" and "oxygen compatible" to reduce the risk of ________.

Question 3: ________ for creating diving breathing mixes such as nitrox, trimix and heliox
Gas blendingDecompression stopDecompression sicknessTechnical diving

Question 4: breathing at altitude in aviation, either in an ________ emergency, or constantly (in the case of unpressurized aircraft)
Korean Air Lines Flight 007Boeing 747Cabin pressurizationUncontrolled decompression

Question 5: industrial processes including the manufacture of ________ and monel
IronStainless steelCarbon steelSteel

Question 6: An oxygen tank is a storage vessel for oxygen, which is either held under pressure in gas cylinders or as liquid oxygen in a ________ storage tank.
CryogenicsEngineeringHealth scienceMetallurgy

Question 7: use as the ________ for rocket engines
Liquid rocket propellantsHypergolic propellantLiquid-fuel rocketSolid-fuel rocket

Question 8: oxyacetylene welding equipment and some gas ________
Shielded metal arc weldingGas metal arc weldingGas tungsten arc weldingOxy-fuel welding and cutting

Question 9: open-circuit ________ - mainly used for accelerated decompression in technical diving
RebreatherScuba setDiving hazards and precautionsScuba diving

Question 10: In some countries there are legal and ________ requirements and restrictions on the use, storage and transport of pure oxygen.
Life insuranceWorkers' compensationMarine insuranceInsurance


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