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Oxoacid: Quiz


Question 1: Generally, oxoacids are simply polyatomic ions with a hydrogen ________.
ElectrolyteHalf cellIonLithium-ion battery

Question 2: has at least one ________ atom bound to oxygen; and

Question 3: Under ________'s original theory, all acids contained oxygen, which was named from the Greek οξυς (oxys) (acid, sharp) and γεινομαι (geinomai) (engender).
Adam SmithJean le Rond d'AlembertAntoine LavoisierIsaac Newton

Question 4: It was later discovered that some acids, notably ________, did not contain oxygen and so acids were divided into oxoacids and these new hydracids.
Hydrogen chlorideHydrochloric acidSulfuric acidEthanol

Question 5: Halogen oxoacids: ________; Chlorous acid; Chloric acid; Perchloric acid; Perbromic acid; Metaperiodic acid
GlucoseAmmoniaHypochlorous acidSodium hydroxide


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