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Oxidizing agent: Quiz


Question 1: Notice that these species are all ________, and are in fact polyoxides.

Question 2: For ________ (O) the oxidation number began as 0 and decreased to 2−.

Question 3: An obvious oxidizer is oxygen, which forms about 21% of ________.
History of the EarthNatureEarthAtmosphere of Earth

Question 4: Redox reactions occur when ________ of the reactants change.
Oxidation stateOxygenOxideHydrogen

Question 5: Examples include [MnO4] permanganate, [CrO4]2− ________, OsO4 osmium tetroxide, and especially [ClO4] perchlorate.
Chromate and dichromateChromiumPotassium dichromateAcid

Question 6: An example is ________, which does not pass the dangerous goods test of an oxidizing agent.
Potassium chromatePotassium permanganatePotassium dichromatePotassium cyanide

Question 7: Chlorite, chlorate, perchlorate, and other analogous ________ compounds
HalogenMetalNoble gasNonmetal

Question 8: ________ (N2O)
Nitrous oxideArylcyclohexylamineMethorphanPhencyclidine

Question 9: Because the process of oxidation is so widespread (explosives, chemical synthesis, ________), the term oxidizing agent has acquired multiple meanings.

Question 10: Ammonium cerium(IV) nitrate and probably related ________(IV) compounds


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