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Question 1: In terms of acid strength, it is about 3,000 times stronger than ________.
EthanolHydrogen peroxideAcetic acidOxygen

Question 2: Although it can be readily purchased, oxalic acid can be prepared in the laboratory by oxidizing sucrose using nitric acid in the presence of a small amount of vanadium pentoxide as a ________.

Question 3: This experiment may represent the first synthesis of a ________.
HerbalismNatural productScopolamineNicotine

Question 4: Oxalic acid is a relatively strong acid, despite being a ________:
AlcoholEsterCarboxylic acidAlkane

Question 5: Anhydrous oxalic acid exists as two polymorphs; in one the ________ results in a chain-like structure whereas the hydrogen bonding pattern in the other form defines a sheet-like structure.
Chemical bondHydrogen bondChemical polarityDipolar bond

Question 6: Oxalic acid is mainly manufactured by the oxidation of carbohydrates or ________ using nitric acid or air in the presence of vanadium pentoxide.

Question 7: Oxalic acid is the ________ with the formula that can be written in a number of equivalent ways, C2O4H2, C2O2(OH)2, and as HOOCCOOH.
ChemistryElectrochemistryInorganic chemistryChemical compound

Question 8: A variety of precursors can be used including glycolic acid and ________.
1,2-DichloroethaneEthylene glycolIsopropyl alcoholGlycerol

Question 9: Its conjugate base, known as oxalate (C2O42-), is a reducing agent as well as a ________ for metal cations.
Chelation therapyEDTAChelationLipoic acid

Question 10: [1] A newer method entails oxidative carbonylation of ________ to give the diesters of oxalic acid:


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