Owen Hart and The British Bulldog: Quiz

Question 1: He talked about their family turning heel[15] and then they formed The Hart Foundation's new version and they were joined by Jim Neidhart and ________.
Brian PillmanStone Cold Steve AustinRicky SteamboatBarry Windham

Question 2: On March 31 edition of RAW is WAR, the WWF Tag Team Champions Owen and Bulldog fought to no contest because of ________ who appeared and pleaded with the two not to fight any more.
Roddy PiperStone Cold Steve AustinRic FlairBret Hart

Question 3: ________ and The British Bulldog were a professional wrestling tag team in World Wrestling Federation.
Chris BenoitOwen HartBret HartShawn Michaels

Question 4: [20] The entire Hart Foundation defeated ________, Goldust, Steve Austin and The Legion of Doom at Canadian Stampede in a 5-on-5 tag team match.
Jason ResoKen ShamrockJeff JarrettRic Flair

Question 5: [2] They teamed up with Vader again on In Your House 9 to defeat Ahmed Johnson, Sycho Sid and ________.
Adam CopelandChris JerichoTriple HShawn Michaels

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Owen_Hart_and_The_British_Bulldog)