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Question 1: In lower plants and ________, the ovum is also often called oosphere.
AlgaeWild fisheriesPhotosynthesisCell wall

Question 2: The term ovule is used for the young ovum of an animal, as well as the plant structure that carries the female gametophyte and egg cell and develops into a seed after ________.
Prenatal developmentFertilisationHuman embryogenesisEmbryo

Question 3: An ovum (plural ova, from the Latin word ovum meaning egg or egg cell) is a ________ female reproductive cell or gamete.

Question 4: See ________ for a discussion of eggs of oviparous animals.
BirdEgg (food)Egg (biology)Fish

Question 5: The egg cell's cytoplasm and mitochondria (and ________ in plants) are the sole means of the egg being able to reproduce by mitosis and eventually form a blastocyst after fertilization.
Cell wallChloroplastPlastidPhotosynthesis

Question 6: In the oviparous animals (all ________, most fishes, amphibians and reptiles) the ova develop protective layers and pass through the oviduct to the outside of the body.
Modern birdsEnantiornithesArchaeopteryxBird

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