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Question 1: Overtraining is a common problem in ________, but it can also be experienced by runners and other athletes.
Strength trainingBodyweight exerciseWeight trainingBodybuilding

Question 2: Microtrauma to the ________ are created faster than the body can heal them.
FasciaHead and neck anatomyMuscleTorso

Question 3: ________ are used up faster than they are supplied in the diet.
L-DOPAMetabolismAmino acidAmino acid synthesis

Question 4: Deep-tissue or sports ________ of the affected muscles.
SaunaBarefootMassageChristian naturism

Question 5: Overtraining occurs more readily if the individual is simultaneously exposed to other physical and psychological stressors, such as jet lag, ongoing illness, overwork, ________, poor nutrition etc.
Menstrual cycleMenarcheMenstruationMenopause

Question 6: Levels of ________ (the "stress" hormone) are elevated for long periods of time.

Question 7: It is a particular problem for ________ and other dieters who engage in intense exercise while limiting their food intake.
Squat (exercise)BodybuildingWeight trainingStrength training

Question 8: Overtraining is a physical, behavioral and emotional condition that occurs when the volume and intensity of an individual's ________ exceeds their recovery capacity.
ObesityStrength trainingPhysical exerciseMajor depressive disorder

Question 9: Addressing vitamin deficiencies with ________.
HerbalismFolic acidWolfberryDietary supplement

Question 10: One theory is that this addiction is due to natural ________ generated by the exercise.

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