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Overshooting top: Quiz


Question 1: [1] If the overshooting top is continuous it means the storm is probably a strong ________.
Convective storm detectionThunderstormSupercellTornado

Question 2: An overshooting top lasting for more than 10 minutes is a sign of a strong updraft in a thunderstorm, indicating a strong likelihood that the storm is producing ________.
Severe weatherPrecipitation (meteorology)RainMesoscale convective system

Question 3: [2] This can occur with any cumulonimbus cloud when instability (usually estimated by ________) is high.
Lapse rateThunderstormFree convective layerConvective available potential energy

Question 4: An overshooting top (or penetrating top) is a dome-like protrusion that shoots out of the top of the anvil of a ________.
MeteorologyThunderstormPrecipitation (meteorology)Severe weather

Question 5: [2] During a strong ________, the overshooting top might roll over or fold over as new activity climbs up the back while the front of the overshooting top collapses into the storm.
TornadoMeteorologySevere weatherThunderstorm


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