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Overpopulation: Quiz


Question 1: German scientists have reported that a virus called ________ might have a role in male infertility,[209] but is otherwise harmless to humans.
AntibodyImmune systemAdenoviridaeAdeno-associated virus

Question 2: In strongly patriarchal nations, where she claims women enjoy few special rights, a high standard of living tends to result in ________[citation needed].
Food securityOverpopulationWorld populationPopulation growth

Question 3: Population increased after the ________ and an increased food supply.
Vinča cultureNeolithic RevolutionÇatalhöyükPrehistoric religion

Question 4: [155] ________ has grown from 300,000 in 1950 to an estimated 15 million today, and the Nigerian government estimates that city will have expanded to 25 million residents by 2015.

Question 5: It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain ________ in a world beset by a confluence of "peak" phenomena, namely peak oil, peak water, peak phosphorus, peak grain and peak fish.
Ecological footprintOver-consumptionFood securityFamily planning

Question 6: [48][49] This ________ is only expected to worsen as the population increases.
OverpopulationDroughtPeak waterWater crisis

Question 7: The scientific consensus is that the current population expansion and accompanying increase in usage of resources is linked to threats to the ________.
Ecosystem ecologyEcologySystems ecologyEcosystem

Question 8: [72] From 1950 to 1984, as the ________ transformed agriculture around the world, grain production increased by over 250%.
FamineNorman BorlaugGreen RevolutionFood security

Question 9: Many philosophers, including ________, have said at various times that when humankind does not check population-growth, nature takes its course.
John Stuart MillDavid RicardoJeremy BenthamThomas Robert Malthus

Question 10: ________, malnutrition[137] or poor diet with ill health and diet-deficiency diseases (e.g.

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