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Overload: Quiz


Question 1: ________ or overloading, in computer science, allowing a single definition to be used with different classes of objects
Programming languageType systemType polymorphismFunctional programming

Question 2:
  • ________, a software engineering process whereby multiple functions of different types are defined with the same name
    Type systemFunctional programmingProgramming languageType polymorphism

Question 3: ________, a pop song by the UK girl group Sugababes
Shape (song)One TouchNew Year (Sugababes song)Overload (song)

Question 4: ________, the psychology term for the state of having too much information to make a decision or remain informed about a topic
Attention economyInformation overloadInformation pollutionContinuous Partial Attention

Question 5: ________, a software engineering process whereby operators such as + or - are treated as polymorphic functions having different behaviours depending on the types of arguments used
C++Java (programming language)Operator overloadingC (programming language)

Question 6: "The Overload", a song by Talking Heads from their 1980 album ________
More Songs About Buildings and FoodEverything That Happens Will Happen TodayRemain in LightStop Making Sense (album)

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