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Question 1: It may be unintentional, particularly in the case of a bad ________, or be required for the role.

Question 2: For the latter, it is commonly used in comical situations or to stress the ________ characteristics of a villain.
Christian philosophyJewish philosophyPhilosophyEvil

Question 3: Overacting (also referred to as hamming or mugging) is the exaggeration of ________ and speech when acting.

Question 4: Some roles require overly-exaggerated character acting, particularly those in ________.
Romantic comedy filmBritish comedyComedy filmAnarchic comedy film

Question 5: The portrayal of an ________ is a common time for overacting, as is a death scene.
PsychologyEmotionEvolutionary psychologyPositive psychology

Question 6: ________'s performance in the original Star Trek series has been frequently parodied across numerous comedy television shows.
William ShatnerStar Trek: The Original SeriesWilliam Shatner's musical careerJohn Lithgow

Question 7: Overacting may be used to stress the ________ characteristics of a villain.
PhilosophyChristian philosophyEvilJewish philosophy

Question 8: Some unintentional overacting can find itself the subject of ________.

Question 9: For example, the breakthrough roles for ________ (in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Mask) saw him portray the lead characters in a very flamboyant fashion, as the script demanded.
Tom HanksJack NicholsonJim CarreyDustin Hoffman


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