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Question 1: Production of glare is a ________ indication of over-illumination, since that causes optical processing conflicts and confusion to the brain in processing optical inputs.
United StatesUnited KingdomDe factoMorocco

Question 2: Furthermore, over-illumination generally does not refer to the extreme conditions of snowblindness or arc eye, in which ultraviolet light can induce physical damage to the ________.
RetinaScleraIris (anatomy)Cornea

Question 3: For the Dakin Building in ________ the angled window projections effectively provide permanent sunscreens, obviating interior blinds or shades.
Burlingame, CaliforniaBrisbane, CaliforniaDaly City, CaliforniaSouth San Francisco, California

Question 4: [11] Not only does this result in fatigue, but also immuno-suppressive behavior that has been shown to be linked to increased ________.

Question 5: Over-illumination can contribute to ________, where stray light illuminates the outdoors or others' property, where it is unwanted.
Noise pollutionMarine pollutionLight pollutionAir pollution

Question 6: The most desirable spectrum is that of natural light, which the body is attuned to and uses to set the ________.
MelatoninSuprachiasmatic nucleusChronobiologyCircadian rhythm

Question 7: [15][16] When adrenalin is released into the bloodstream it causes ________, a known precursor to both hypertension and erectile dysfunction.
VasodilationAngiotensinVasoconstrictionBlood pressure

Question 8: In response to these concerns, the design and ________ communities are making greater use of indirect sunlight in modern commercial buildings.
EuropeItalyArchitectural theoryArchitecture

Question 9: The mechanism of this effect seems to be stress by related upregulation of adrenaline production akin to the ________.
Acute stress reactionStress (biology)BrainFight-or-flight response

Question 10: [13] Fluorescent lighting has also been linked to aggravating other psychological disorders such as ________.
Social anxiety disorderAgoraphobiaObsessive–compulsive disorderAnxiety disorder


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