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Ovalbumin: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (commonly used to stimulate an allergic reaction in test subjects, e.g.
PathologyImmunologyMedicineInfectious disease

Question 2: ________ (chicken egg ovalbumin is commonly used as a molecular weight marker for calibrating electrophoresis gels).
Systems biologyProteinProteomicsBioinformatics

Question 3: ________ prevents the absorption of the metals into the gastrointestinal tract and prevents poisoning.
EDTALipoic acidChelation therapyChelation

Question 4: [1] Ovalbumin displays sequence and three-dimensional homology to the serpin superfamily, but unlike most serpins it is not a ________ inhibitor.
ReelinTrypsinCathepsin GSerine protease

Question 5: The ovalbumin protein of chickens is made up of 385 ________, and its relative molecular mass is 45 kDa.
Amino acid synthesisAmino acidL-DOPAMetabolism

Question 6: Ovalbumin is the main protein found in ________, making up 60-65% of the total protein.
Egg whiteAmino acidEgg yolkEgg (food)


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