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Question 1: An interactive for kids featuring a traditional outrigger canoe commissioned by the ________
Royal Canberra HospitalLake Burley GriffinNational Gallery of AustraliaNational Museum of Australia

Question 2: Modern OC1 hulls and amas are commonly made from glass-reinforced plastic, carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and/or ________ to produce a strong but light canoe.
KevlarDuPontWallace CarothersNomex

Question 3: The sailing canoes are an important part of the Polynesian heritage and are actively raced and sailed in ________ and Tahiti.
United StatesFloridaAlaskaHawaii

Question 4: ________ has become a popular canoeing sport, with numerous clubs located around the world.
KayakWatercraft paddlingOutrigger canoeingCanoe orienteering

Question 5: Outrigger Canoe Racing is the State sport of ________ and an interscholastic high school sport.
United StatesAlaskaFloridaHawaii

Question 6: Even today, it is mostly among the Austronesian groups (Malay, Micronesian, ________ and Polynesian peoples) that outrigger canoes are used.
MelanesiaPitcairn IslandsNiuePalau

Question 7: Outrigger canoes can be quite large fishing or transport vessels, and in the ________, outrigger canoes (called bangka, parao or balanghai) are often fitted with petrol engines.
Papua New GuineaEast TimorPhilippinesUnited States

Question 8: In Hawaii entire families participate in summer ________ with age groups from manini (children as young as 6 with an adult steersperson) and age 12 through age 60+.
LondonEnglandRegattaUnited States

Question 9: Smaller canoes often employ a single outrigger on the port side, while larger canoes may employ a single outrigger, double outrigger, or double hull configuration (see also ________).

Question 10: This paddling technique, however, differs greatly from ________ or rowing.
KayakWhitewater kayakingSea kayakCanoe


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