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Outline of the United States: Quiz


Question 1: Navassa Island, uninhabited (claimed by ________)
HaitiPort-au-PrinceTortuga (Haiti)Cap-Haïtien

Question 2: West: Peaked Island, offshore Cape Wrangell, Attu Island, ________ 52°55′00″N 172°26′00″E / 52.9166667°N 172.4333333°E / 52.9166667; 172.4333333
WashingtonAlaskaUnited StatesNorthwestern United States

Question 3:
  • The 104 ________
    Mountain peaks of the United StatesTable of the most prominent summits of the United StatesTable of the major 4000 meter summits of the United StatesTable of the highest major summits of the United States

Question 4: ________ (PIHA)
Eastern Conference (PIHA)Professional Inline Hockey AssociationProfessional Inline Hockey Association awards2008–09 PIHA season

Question 5: ________ (CIFL)
Continental Indoor Football LeagueUnited Indoor FootballMid Continental Football LeagueAmerican Indoor Football Association

Question 6: ________
Terrorism in the United StatesImmigration to the United StatesHealth care reform in the United StatesWater supply and sanitation in the United States

Question 7: Intermontane Plateaus - also divided into the Columbia Plateau, the ________ and the Basin and Range Province, it is a system of plateaus, basins, ranges and gorges between the Rocky and Pacific Mountain Systems.
Southern Rocky MountainsUinta MountainsColorado PlateauSangre de Cristo Mountains

Question 8: Low: Badwater Basin, Death Valley, ________ at -86 meters (−282.2 ft) 36°13′58″N 116°46′42″W / 36.23278°N 116.77833°W / 36.23278; -116.77833
Los AngelesSacramento, CaliforniaCaliforniaSan Jose, California

Question 9:

Question 10: ________ (USTA)
Henry Slocum (tennis)Richard Sears (tennis)United States Tennis AssociationDwight F. Davis


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