Outline of Buddhism: Quiz

Question 1: The ultimate good or supreme goal, Nibbāna, final release from the cycle of rebirths, attained by developing the ________ (paramattha)
Householder (Buddhism)NirvanaNoble Eightfold PathBuddhism

Question 2: Abstaining from singing, dancing, playing music, attending entertainment performances, wearing perfume, and using ________ and garlands (decorative accessories)
Hair removalL'OréalNiveaCosmetics

Question 3:
  • Colossal Buddha statues
    • ________
      Lantau IslandTian Tan BuddhaHong KongBuddhism

Question 4: Touching anything at any distance (even the ________ or sun)
MoonIo (moon)Ganymede (moon)Mercury (planet)

Question 5: ________ — one who has generated bodhicitta, the spontaneous wish to attain Buddhahood
AvalokiteśvaraGuan YinMaitreyaBodhisattva

Question 6: ________ — Place of Buddha's final passing away
RajgirKushinagarVaishali (ancient city)Bodh Gaya

Question 7: ________ — the awakening experience attained by the Buddha and his accomplished disciples referring to the unique consciousness of a fully liberated yogi
Buddhism and HinduismBodhiBuddhismNirvana

Question 8: ________ — Buddha's place of Enlightenment
RajgirNalandaBodh GayaKushinagar

Question 9: ________ — the natural, primordial state or natural condition of every sentient being

Question 10: ________ — Chief lay disciple, foremost disciple in generosity
AnathapindikaMahapajapati GotamiAshoka the GreatBuddhist cosmology

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Outline_of_Buddhism)