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Question 1: [4] ________'s Presidential Campaign removed images of Alabama Attorney General Troy King from its website after he was outed in 2008.
Jim Gilmore2008 Republican National ConventionSarah PalinJohn McCain

Question 2: Congressman ________ argue that outing is appropriate and legitimate in some cases — for example, if the individual is actively working against LGBT rights.
Bill DelahuntBarney FrankStephen Lynch (politician)John Kerry

Question 3: ________ Tarja Halonen released a book for the reelection campaign in 2006, where she mentions her legal work in promoting sexual equality in the effect of the president of SETA, a LGBT rights organization.
President of FinlandPresident of FrancePresident of GermanyPresident of Austria

Question 4: Despite their best efforts, most ________ and lesbians were still unwilling to come out.
BisexualityHomosexualityGaySexual orientation

Question 5: In 2009, Kirby Dick's documentary Outrage argued that several American political figures have led closeted gay lives while supporting and endorsing legislation that is harmful to the ________.
HomosexualityLGBT symbolsHeterosexismGay community

Question 6: See articles Don't Ask, Don't Tell and ________
HomosexualityLGBT rights oppositionLGBT rights by country or territorySexual orientation and military service

Question 7: In the late ________, outing became a common term for taking someone involuntarily "out of the closet"—that is, publicising that someone is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or intersex.
21st century19th century20th century20th century events

Question 8: Prominent individuals whose outing would shatter ________ and compel the public to reconsider its attitude on homosexuality;
StereotypeRacismAntisemitismEthnic cleansing

Question 9: OutWeek, which had begun publishing in 1989, was home to activist and outing pioneer ________, who stirred the waters when he outed the recently deceased Malcolm Forbes in March 1990.
New York PostNew York CityManhattanMichelangelo Signorile

Question 10: The recent wave of Roman Catholic sex abuse cases has outed many members of the ________ clergy.
Catholic ChurchPope Gregory IPope John Paul IIPope

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