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Outer trench swell: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ is bent upwards by plate stresses, and is not in isostatic equilibrium.
Crust (geology)LithospherePlate tectonicsEarth

Question 2: The outer trench swell or outer rise is a subtle ridge on the seafloor near an ________, where a descending plate begins to flex and fault in preparation for its descent into the mantle at a subduction zone.
Oceanic trenchPhysical oceanographyVolcanic arcMarginal sea

Question 3: Typically, the ________ field over the outer swell is about 50 mGal (0.5 mm/s²) higher than expected from isostasy, while gravity over the trench is about 200 mGal (2 mm/s²) less than that expected from isostatic considerations.
General relativityGravitationEquivalence principleIntroduction to general relativity

Question 4: The wavelength and ________ of this flexure can be used to constrain the state of stress across the plate boundary.
Electrical engineeringAmplitudeCrest factorMeasuring instrument

Question 5: Recent ________ have been discovered on ~135 million-year-old Pacific Plate east of Japan (Hirano et al., 2006).

Question 6: This faulting also breaks up ________ as they approach the trench.
SeamountCold seepPelagic zoneHydrothermal vent


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