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Question 1: The outer core of the ________ is a liquid layer about 2,260 kilometers thick composed of iron and nickel which lies above the Earth's solid inner core and below its mantle.

Question 2: ________ in the nickel iron fluid of the outer core are believed to influence the Earth's magnetic field.
ElectromagnetismElectromotive forceMaxwell's equationsEddy current

Question 3: ________ and oxygen could also be present in the outer core.

Question 4: This magnetic field extends outward from the Earth for several thousand kilometers, and creates a protective bubble around the Earth that deflects the Sun's ________.
Solar windHeliosphereSolar flareCoronal mass ejection

Question 5: This could potentially have slowly removed the Earth's atmosphere, rendering it nearly lifeless, as is hypothesized for ________.
MarsPhobos (moon)Deimos (moon)Water on Mars


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