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Question 1: Some of the types of information that can only be obtained from bedrock outcrops, or through precise drilling and coring operations, are; ________ features orientations (e.g.
Engineering geologyStructural geologySedimentary rockMining

Question 2: However in places where the overlying cover is removed through ________, the rock may be exposed, or crop out.
ErosionRiver deltaMouth barDune

Question 3: Outcrops allow direct observation and sampling of the bedrock ________ for geologic analysis and creating geologic maps.
BiologyIn situEarth sciencePlant

Question 4: In situ measurements are critical for proper analysis of ________ and outcrops are therefore extremely important for understanding earth history.
TimeCalendarGeological history of EarthGeologic time scale

Question 5: Such exposure will happen most frequently in areas where ________ is rapid and exceeds the weathering rate such as on steep hillsides, river banks, or tectonically active areas.
River deltaErosionDuneMouth bar

Question 6: bedding planes, fold axes, ________), depositional features orientations (e.g.
ManifoldLie groupTorusFoliation

Question 7: In most places the bedrock or superficial deposits are covered by a mantle of ________ and vegetation and cannot be seen or examined closely.
ClaySoilLandslideWater well

Question 8: On Ordnance Survey maps in ________, cliffs are distinguished from outcrops: cliffs have a continuous line along the top edge with lines protruding down, outcrops have a continuous line around each area of bare rock.
Great BritainScotlandEnglandUnited Kingdom


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