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Question 1: Operating systems such as ________ will attempt to recover from this type of OOM condition by terminating a low-priority process, a mechanism known as the OOM Killer.
SCO-Linux controversiesGNULinuxOpenSolaris

Question 2: A process that exceeds its per-process limit will have attempts to allocate further ________, for example with malloc(), return failure.
NeuropsychologyCognitive psychologyKC (patient)Memory

Question 3: Physical memory is often a scarce resource, and when it was used up by applications — such as applications with ________ functionality — no further applications could be started until running applications were closed.
Microsoft WindowsTerminate and Stay ResidentDOSOperating system

Question 4: This occurs because all available memory, including disk ________, has been allocated.
Operating systemPagingGraphical user interfaceMemory protection

Question 5: Early operating systems lacked support for multitasking, such as ________.
CP/MMicrosoft WindowsMS-DOSOS/2

Question 6: Since the advent of virtual memory opened the door for the usage of ________, the condition is much more rare.
Operating systemGraphical user interfacePagingMemory protection


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