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Out-of-print book: Quiz


Question 1: A publisher will usually create a ________ of a fixed number of copies of a new book.
PaperbackBooksellingEdition (book)Book collecting

Question 2: Out-of-print bestsellers - an article in the ________
1978 Pulitzer PrizeThe Christian Science Monitor1996 Pulitzer PrizePulitzer Prize

Question 3: If there is enough demand for an out-of-print book, and all ________ issues can be resolved, another publisher may republish the book with a new cover and title page.
Public domainCopyrightCopyright on typefacesIntellectual property

Question 4: These books can be ordered in bulk by ________, and when all the bookseller's copies are sold, the bookseller has the option to order additional copies.
BooksellingIslamic Golden AgeLondonEngland

Question 5: An out-of-print book is a ________ that is no longer being published.

Question 6: When the book is no longer selling at a rate fast enough to pay for the ________ costs, the publisher will cease to print additional copies, and may remainder or pulp the remaining unsold copies.
Balance sheetAssetAccountancyInventory


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