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Ousia: Quiz


Question 1: ________ The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church, SVS Press, 1997.
Vladimir LosskyJohn MeyendorffNikolai LosskyGeorges Florovsky

Question 2: The adherents of the Homoiousios eventually joined forces with the (mostly Western) adherents of the Homoousios and accepted the formulation of the ________.
KyrieNicene CreedAgnus DeiLord's Prayer

Question 3: The Greek philosophers Plato and ________ used ousia in their ontologies; their denotations are the contemporary philosophic and theological usages.
EmpiricismBertrand RussellAristotleWillard Van Orman Quine

Question 4: The Paul of Samosata entry of the ________ says:
Catholic EncyclopediaPope John Paul IICatholic ChurchUnited States

Question 5: The Synods of Antioch condemned the word ________ (same substance) because it originated in pagan Greek philosophy.
Biblical canonChristologyTrinityHomoousian

Question 6: Subsequent Emperors ________ and Valens supported Arianism and theologians came up with alternative wordings like Homoios (similar) homoiousios (similar in substance), or Anomoios (unsimilar).
Constantius IIDiocletianJulian the ApostateConstantine I

Question 7: In 325, the First Council of Nicaea condemned ________ and formulated a creed, which stated that in the Godhead the Son was Homoousios (same in substance) of the Father.
ArianismFranksGermanic ChristianityGothic Christianity

Question 8: Quite later, ________ said that the original meaning of the word ousia was lost in its translation to the Latin, and, subsequently, in its translation to modern languages.
Friedrich NietzscheGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelMartin HeideggerArthur Schopenhauer

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