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Question 1: Morrissey replied to these claims by retorting "The only contact I ever made with the dead was when I spoke to a journalist from ________."[1]
StarSunEarthSolar System

Question 2: "Ouija Board, Ouija Board" - 4:25 (Morrissey, ________)
Stephen StreetGraham CoxonCountry HouseAlex James (musician)

Question 3: The song is about the protagonist using a ________ to contact a dead friend.

Question 4: "Ouija Board, Ouija Board" was a single released by Morrissey in November 1989, catalogue number ________ POP 1622.
W H SmithNational Express GroupDebenhamsHMV Group

Question 5: It caused some debate in the press at the time over claims it promoted ________ dabbling or devil worship.
Magic (paranormal)OccultReligionMysticism


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