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Question 1: According to some sources (references needed), the leader (khan) of the Kayi tribe of the ________, Ertugrul, left Persia in the mid-thirteenth century to escape the invading Mongols.
Turkish peopleTurkish languageTurkeyOghuz Turks

Question 2: Osman's son Orhan expanded the growing empire, taking Nicaea, present-day Iznik, and crossed the ________ strait, in 1362.
DardanellesTurkeyEuropeGallipoli Campaign

Question 3: He was successful in this quest, founding an amirate which rapidly grew in military strength because the lure of Byzantine booty attracted mercenary ________ from neighboring amirates.
GhazwJihadOttoman EmpireIslam

Question 4: The epic poet Ahmedi (-1412), for example, is remembered for his ________.
Alexander the GreatMacedonia (ancient kingdom)Seleucid EmpirePtolemaic Kingdom

Question 5: He took service with the sultan of Rum and was permitted to invade and conquer lands in ________, adjacent to the Byzantine territories of Nicomedia (Izmit), Nicaea, and Bursa.

Question 6: The Ottoman Turks were the subdivision of the Ottoman ________ Millet that dominated the ruling class of the Ottoman Empire.

Question 7: The Ottoman Empire would come to rule much of the ________, the Fertile Crescent, and even Egypt, over the course of several centuries; with an advanced army and navy.
Eastern EuropeWestern EuropeEuropeBalkans

Question 8: His son and successor, ________ (reigned ca.
Osman IOttoman EmpireOrhan ISuleiman the Magnificent

Question 9: But the Ottoman Empire came into its own when Mehmed II captured the ________'s capital, Constantinople (subsequently to be known as Istanbul), in 1453.
Byzantine IconoclasmRoman EmpireWestern Roman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 10: 1299-1326), became the ________ founder of the Osmanli (later corrupted by Europeans into "Ottoman") dynasty, which ruled the Ottoman empire during most of its 620 year rise and history.
DoriansScientific phenomena named after peopleEponymJulius Caesar


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