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Question 1: Between 1627 and 1631 the same Ottoman force also raided the coasts of ________ and Sweden.
WalesIrish peopleNorthern IrelandIreland

Question 2: The Holy League and the Ottoman fleet under the command of Barbaros Hayreddin Paşa encountered in September 1538 at the ________, which is often considered the greatest Turkish naval victory in history.
Battle of Preveza (1538)Battle of Lepanto (1571)Battle of DjerbaAlgiers expedition (1541)

Question 3: During its long existence it was involved in many conflicts; refer to ________ and list of Admirals in the Ottoman Empire for a brief chronology.
Ottoman NavyOttoman wars in EuropeList of Ottoman sieges and landingsAustro-Ottoman War

Question 4: Important Ottoman naval victories in this period included the reconquest of ________ and Azov from the Russians in 1711.
MoldaviaBessarabiaRegulamentul OrganicWallachia

Question 5: In 1708 another long lasting objective, the conquest of ________ (the final Spanish stronghold in Algeria) was accomplished.
BécharAlgiersOranEl Bayadh

Question 6: During the ________, the much larger Ottoman fleet proved unable to effectively counter the Greek fleets.
Ottoman GreeceGreek War of IndependenceBackground of the Greek War of IndependenceBattle of Navarino

Question 7: "Göke" (1495) was the flagship of ________
Kemal ReisKurtoğlu Muslihiddin ReisMediterranean SeaPiri Reis

Question 8: Between 1547-1548 Yemen was reconquered from the Portuguese, while in the Persian Gulf and ________, other important Portuguese ports such as Oman, Hormuz and Qatar were conquered in 1552.
Arabian SeaLaccadive SeaIndian OceanPalk Strait

Question 9: Despite the payment for both ships, the ________ confiscated them at the outbreak of World War I and renamed them as HMS Agincourt and HMS Erin.
United KingdomWalesEnglandCanada

Question 10: ________ was reconquered by the Ottoman fleet with landings between 1448 and 1450.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSerbiaCroatiaAlbania


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