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Question 1: Ottokar was the second son of King Wenceslaus I of the Přemyslid dynasty, and through his mother, Kunigunde of Hohenstaufen, was related to the ________ family, being a grandson of the German king, Philip of Swabia.
House of BourbonHouse of HohenstaufenHouse of WittelsbachHouse of Anjou

Question 2: Bela formed a loose alliance with the Duke of Bavaria and claimed the ________, which had been a component of Austria since 1192.
Duchy of CarniolaArchduchy of AustriaDuchy of CarinthiaDuchy of Styria

Question 3: Wenceslaus released Ottokar very soon and in 1251 made him Margrave of ________ and installed him, with the approval of the Austrian nobles, as governor of Austria.
BohemiaMoraviaMoravian traditional musicCzech Republic

Question 4: At a convention of the Reichstag at ________ in 1274, Rudolph decreed that all imperial lands that had changed hands since the death of Emperor Frederick II must be returned to the crown.
Frankfurt am MainDarmstadtStuttgartKassel

Question 5: Father and son were eventually reconciled to assist the King's aim of acquiring the neighbouring ________.
Duchy of CarniolaDuchy of StyriaDuchy of CarinthiaArchduchy of Austria

Question 6: In 1269 he inherited Carinthia and part of ________.
SloveniaHabsburg MonarchyCarniolaFriuli

Question 7: In 1276 Rudolph placed Ottokar under the ban of the empire and besieged ________.

Question 8: In the ________ by Dante, Ottokar is seen outside the gates of Purgatory, in amiable companionship with his imperial rival Rudolph.
Inferno (Dante)Paradiso (Dante)PurgatorioDivine Comedy

Question 9: His son ________ succeeded him as King of Bohemia and Margrave of Moravia.
Casimir III the GreatBolesław I ChrobryWenceslaus III of BohemiaWenceslaus II of Bohemia

Question 10: He was the Duke of ________ (1251-1276), Styria (1260-1276), Carinthia (1269-1276) and Carniola (1269-1276) also.
Czech RepublicHungaryPolandAustria


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