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Otto Hahn: Quiz


Question 1:
When was Otto Hahn born?

Question 2: After completing his one year military service, the young chemist returned to the University of Marburg, where for two years he worked as assistant to his doctoral supervisor, Geheimrat ________ Theodor Zincke.
JudgeProfessorImamDoctor (title)

Question 3: On 28 September 1907 he made the acquaintance of the young Austrian physicist ________, who had transferred from Vienna to Berlin.
Enrico FermiOtto HahnLise MeitnerWerner Heisenberg

Question 4:
Where was Otto Hahn born?
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Berthier-en-Bas , Quebec

Question 5:
What is Otto Hahn known for?
Salem's Lot
Motorcycle stunts
Nuclear isomerism

Question 6: In 1905, in the course of his work with salts of radium, Hahn discovered a substance he called radiothorium (thorium 228), which at that time was believed to be a new ________ element.
Nuclear fissionNuclear fusionGamma rayRadioactive decay

Question 7:
Where did Otto Hahn die?

Question 8: Hahn continued to work with Strassmann on elucidating the outcome of bombardment of uranium with thermal ________.

Question 9:
What role did Otto Hahn play in the TV series Two Girls on Broadway?
Jed Marlowe
Eddie Kerns
Ito, Chatworth's Servant
'Chat' Chatsworth

Question 10: From 1957, Hahn was repeatedly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by a number of organizations, including the largest French trade union, the ________.
Workers' ForcePolitics of FranceGeneral Confederation of Labour (France)French Section of the Workers' International


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