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Question 1:

Question 2:
When did Ottis Toole die?

Question 3:
Where does Ottis Toole come from?
Central African Republic
United States

Question 4: Born in ________, he was abandoned by his father at age seven.
MiamiJacksonville, FloridaTampa, FloridaTallahassee, Florida

Question 5: Toole's mother was a ________, and Toole later claimed that she abused him and dressed him in girl's clothing.
ChristianityIslamReligious fanaticismSamaritan

Question 6: [2][3] It is believed, however, that his IQ was probably higher and that he had received such low scores due to suffering from various learning disabilities (including dyslexia and ________) and being illiterate.
SchizophreniaBipolar disorderMajor depressive disorderAttention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

Question 7: He felt he knew he was ________ when he was 10, and claimed to have had a homosexual relationship with a boy neighbor when he was 12.
HomosexualityLesbianBisexualitySexual orientation

Question 8: 6, 1980, about 125 feet off ________'s eastbound lane, five miles east of Chipley, Florida.
Interstate 10Interstate 20Interstate Highway SystemInterstate 45

Question 9: [2] As a young child, Toole suffered ________ at the hands of many close relatives, including his mother and older sister.
ProstitutionIncestMiscegenationSexual abuse

Question 10: During ________, Toole dropped out of school in the ninth grade and began visiting gay bars.
Developmental psychologyAdultPubertyAdolescence

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