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Question 1: As well as being caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae and ________ it can also be caused by the common cold.
Haemophilus influenzaeCholeraTyphoid feverPathogenic bacteria

Question 2: Otitis media occurs in the area between the ear drum (the end of the outer ear) and the ________, including a duct known as the eustachian tube.
Middle earInner earCochleaSemicircular canal

Question 3: It is one of the two categories of ear inflammation that can underlie what is commonly called an earache, the other being ________.
LabyrinthitisOtitis mediaMastoiditisOtitis externa

Question 4: In a simple case of acute otitis media in an otherwise healthy person, the body's defenses are likely to resolve the ________ and the ear drum nearly always heals.

Question 5: In older adolescents and young adults, the most common cause of ear infections during their childhoods was ________.
Pathogenic bacteriaHaemophilus influenzaeTyphoid feverCholera

Question 6: When the middle ear becomes acutely infected by ________, pressure builds up behind the ear drum, usually but not always causing pain.
CorynebacteriumGram-negative bacteriaGram-positive bacteriaBacteria

Question 7: At an anatomic level, the typical progression of acute otitis media occurs as follows: the tissues surrounding the Eustachian tube swell due to an upper respiratory infection, ________, or dysfunction of the tubes.
HypersensitivityAllergyGraft-versus-host diseaseAnaphylaxis

Question 8: Diseases other than ear infections can also cause ear pain, including cancers of any structure that shares nerve supply with the ear and ________ which can lead to herpes zoster oticus.
Herpes zosterKaposi's sarcomaChickenpoxHerpes simplex

Question 9: Less commonly otitis media can be caused by ________.
Mycobacterium tuberculosisCorynebacteriumClostridium difficileMycobacterium leprae

Question 10: Instead of the infection and eardrum perforation resolving, however, drainage from the ________ can become a chronic condition.
OssiclesMalleusMiddle earStapes


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