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Question 1: In the season 3 episode "________," Ben tells Locke that he brought most of the Others to the island.
Lost (season 3)The Man from TallahasseeLost (TV series)Through the Looking Glass (Lost)

Question 2: Members of the Others have either been recruited from the outside world, as in the case of ________, or joined the group after arriving on the island (by choice or by kidnapping).
Lost (TV series)The Other WomanJuliet BurkeBen Linus

Question 3: They have kidnapped children, including ________ and tail section survivors Zach and Emma.
Michael Dawson (Lost)Kate AustenLost (season 2)Walt Lloyd

Question 4: Since their victory over the ________, the group has become comparatively technologically advanced, and for a time acquires means of regular contact with the outside world by submarine and live televisual link.
Lost (season 3)Dharma InitiativeLost (TV series)Through the Looking Glass (Lost)

Question 5: In addition, the Others have branched all over the world recruiting members, including Kiev, ________, Miami, and Los Angeles.
United StatesBarbadosCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 6: According to the character ________, at least 50 Others were living on the north side of the Island at one point.
Lost (season 3)Lost (season 1)Sayid JarrahLost (TV series)

Question 7: The cause of this mortality is unknown, but it did not occur in earlier decades, since such characters as ________ and Charlotte Lewis were born on the island.
Lost (TV series)Lost (season 1)Lost (season 3)Ethan Rom

Question 8: The Others are a group of ________ who inhabit the mysterious island in the American television series Lost.
Character (arts)SatireNovelPoetry

Question 9: The Others do not appear to have a name for themselves, though ________ has described them as "the good guys." Members of the Dharma Initiative refer to the group as "Hostiles" or "Natives."
Ben LinusLost (season 5)Lost (season 3)Lost (TV series)

Question 10: [4] It is a rather pleasant ________-like neighborhood of houses, complete with furniture, indoor plumbing, and electricity.
LondonSuburbNew York CityLos Angeles


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