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Oswiu of Northumbria: Quiz


Question 1: Welsh sources suggest that Oswiu campaigned in Wales in the late 650s, imposing tribute on the Welsh kings who had previously been Penda's allies such as Cadafael, the battle-dodging ________.
Kingdom of GwyneddHistory of Gwynedd during the High Middle AgesHistory of WalesWelsh people

Question 2: He established himself as ________, setting up his son-in-law, Penda's son Peada as a subject king.
List of monarchs of MerciaEnglish monarchs family treeBorjiginGerman monarchs family tree

Question 3: [39] Equally, 665 would be a year when, as Bede writes, "that Easter was kept twice in one year, so that when the King had ended ________ and was keeping Easter, the Queen and her attendants were still fasting and keeping Palm Sunday".
Great LentLentJesusGood Friday

Question 4: Peada and Ealhflæd took a missionary group, including ________ and Diuma, to establish a church in their lands.
DunstanCeddWilliam LaudMellitus

Question 5: On Æthelfrith's death, his sons and their supporters fled Northumbria, finding sanctuary among the ________ and Picts of northern Britain and Ireland.
Gaelic IrelandGaelsCeltsScoti

Question 6: ________, writing about a century after Oswiu's death, describes him as "very just, with equitable laws, unconquered in battle but trustworthy in peace, generous in gifts to the wretched, pious, equitable to all".

Question 7: In 664 at the ________,[37] Oswiu accepted the usages of the Roman Church, which led to the departure of Bishop Colman of Lindisfarne.
BedeWilfridSynod of WhitbyCeltic Christianity

Question 8: Peada was ________ at Ad Murum—in the region of Hadrian's Wall—by Aidan's successor Finan.
Protestant ReformationBaptismInfant baptismLutheranism

Question 9: Oswy was a collector of Holy Relics, for example Pope Vitalian sent filings from Saint Peter's chains to ________ in the seventh century.
Edwin of NorthumbriaOswald of NorthumbriaAldfrith of NorthumbriaOswiu of Northumbria

Question 10: Oswiu's first recorded action as king of Bernicia was to strengthen his position, and perhaps his claims to Deira, by marrying Edwin's daughter Eanflæd, then in exile in the ________.
EnglandKingdom of KentÆthelberht of KentHengist and Horsa


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