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Ostrogoths: Quiz


Question 1: [1] The Ostrogoths are first named in a document dated September 392 from ________.
RomeMilanItalyCorbetta, Italy

Question 2: This so-called "split" or, more appropriately, resettlement of western tribes into the Roman province of ________ was a natural result of population saturation of the area north of the Black Sea.
Dacia (Roman province)DaciaRomaniaRomania during World War I

Question 3: He seems also to have claimed a kind of protectorate over the Germanic powers generally, and indeed to have practically exercised it, except in the case of the ________.
LombardsFranksSaxonsGermanic peoples

Question 4: [1] The ________ are first attested around that date, the Greuthungi, Vesi, and Ostrogothi are all attested no earlier than 388.

Question 5: Gothic was still spoken sporadically in ________ as late as the 16th century: the Crimean Gothic language.
GagauziaNakhchivanCrimeaSouth Ossetia

Question 6: ________ was added to the dominion of the new Ostrogothic king Athalaric, the grandson of Theodoric through his daughter Amalasuntha.

Question 7: Of Gothic literature in the ________ we have the Bible of Ulfilas and some other religious writings and fragments.
Gothic languageOld EnglishProto-GermanicMiddle High German

Question 8: In 535, he commissioned ________ to attack the Ostrogoths.
Gothic War (535–554)Byzantine EmpireJustinian IBelisarius

Question 9: [4] He identified the Visigothic kings from ________ to Alaric II as the heirs of the fourth-century Tervingian king Athanaric and the Ostrogothic kings from Theodoric the Great to Theodahad as the heirs of the Greuthungian king Ermanaric.
VisigothsGalla PlacidiaStilichoAlaric I

Question 10: By 493 ________ was taken, where Theodoric would set up his capital.


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