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Ostracod: Quiz


Question 1: The epidermal cells may also secrete ________ after the chitinous layer is formed, resulting in a chalk layer enveloped by chitin.
Calcium oxideCalcium silicateCalcium carbonateCalcium hydroxide

Question 2: An outline microfaunal zonal scheme based on both ________ and ostracoda was compiled by M.

Question 3: Ostracoda is a class of the ________, sometimes known as the seed shrimp because of their appearance.

Question 4: Many ostracods, especially the Podocopida, are also found in fresh water and terrestrial species of Mesocypris are known from humid forest soils of South Africa, ________, New Zealand and Tasmania.
CanadaAustraliaBarbadosUnited Kingdom

Question 5: Their bodies are flattened from side to side and protected by a ________-like, chitinous or calcareous valve or "shell".

Question 6: An example of predation in the marine environment is the action of certain Cuspidariidae in detecting ostracods with ________ protruding from inhalant structures, thence drawing the ostracod prey in by a violent suction action.

Question 7: Some species are partially or wholly ________.
Komodo dragonFlatwormParthenogenesisAsexual reproduction

Question 8: The individual sperm are often large, and are coiled up within the ________ prior to mating; in some cases, the uncoiled sperm can be up to six times the length of the male ostracod itself.
Reproductive systemPenisProstateTesticle

Question 9: Most ostracods have no ________ or circulatory system, and blood simply circulates between the valves of the shell.
Human bodyLymphatic systemTorsoHeart

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