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Ostinato: Quiz


Question 1: [11] Vamps are also found in rock, ________, reggae, R&B, pop, country, and post-sixties jazz.

Question 2: American drummer ________ has made extensive use of the ostinato as a drumset technique.
Terry BozzioYou Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 6Frank ZappaZoot Allures

Question 3: The term riff entered musical slang in the 1920s (Rooksby, ibid, p. 6), and is used primarily in discussion of forms of rock music or ________.
JazzAmerican popular musicDixielandBlues

Question 4: ________' recording of "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone" is essentially 11 minutes and 45 seconds of ostinato, built on a 4-bar pattern.
The Ultimate Collection (The Temptations album)The Temptations discographyDavid RuffinThe Temptations

Question 5: Vamping is used to establish the Afro-Cuban feel of the ________ standard "A Night in Tunisia".
JazzBebopStan LeveySwing music

Question 6: The second section of ________'s 7th Symphony, Mvt.
Igor StravinskyDmitri ShostakovichMstislav RostropovichSviatoslav Richter

Question 7: Riffs can be as simple as a tenor saxophone honking a simple, catchy rhythmic figure, or as complex as the riff-based variations in the head arrangements played by the ________.
Count Basie OrchestraElla and Basie!A Classy PairDigital III at Montreux

Question 8: In ________, an ostinato (derived from Italian: "stubborn", compare English: obstinate) is a motif or phrase which is persistently repeated in the same musical voice.
Musical notationMusic theoryClassical musicMusic

Question 9: A few well-known examples of riff-driven songs are "________" by The Beatles, "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones[7] and "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin.
I Want to Hold Your HandI Feel FineWe Can Work It OutDay Tripper

Question 10: It is essential that the lehara be played with the highest precision in Laya(Tempo) and ________ control; which requires years of specialist training (Taalim) and practice (Riyaaz).
SwaraRagaGrace noteOrnament (music)


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