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Question 1: Osteolysis refers to an active resorption of ________[1] matrix by osteoclasts as part of an ongoing disease process.
Human skullBoneHuman skeletonHead and neck anatomy

Question 2: Distal clavicular osteolysis (DCO) is often associated with problems weightlifters have with their acromioclavicular joints due to high stresses put on that the ________ as it meets with the acromion.
Coracoid processClavicleBoneScapula

Question 3: This may require a revision ________ (replacement of the prosthesis).
Cardiothoracic surgeryICD-9-CM Volume 3SurgeryNeurosurgery

Question 4: In ________ the generally accepted explanation[2] for osteolysis involves wear particles (worn off the contact surface of the artificial ball and socket joint).
Hip replacementDistraction osteogenesisKnee replacementJoint replacement

Question 5: As the body attempts to clean up these wear particles (typically consisting of plastic or metal) it triggers an ________ reaction which causes resorption of living bone tissue.
Autoimmune diseaseHypersensitivityAutoimmunityCell-mediated immunity


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