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Question 1: [6] In the United States, hospitalizations for osteoarthritis soared from about 322,000 in ________ to 735,000 in 2006.

Question 2: Creams and lotions, containing ________, are effective in treating pain associated with OA if they are applied with sufficient frequency.
Dimethyl sulfoxideIbuprofenDiclofenacCapsaicin

Question 3: Bromelain, protease enzymes extracted from the plant family ________ (pineapple), blocks some proinflammatory metabolites.

Question 4: Inflammatory diseases (such as Perthes' disease), (________), and all chronic forms of arthritis (e.g.
SyphilisLyme diseasePathogenic bacteriaRelapsing fever

Question 5: [45] However, a subsequent large study suggests that glucosamine is not effective in treating OA of the knee[46], and a 2007 ________ that included this trial states that glucosamine hydrochloride is not effective.
Forest plotEffect sizeMeta-analysisStatistical hypothesis testing

Question 6: ________, including vitamins C and E in both foods and supplements, provide pain relief from OA.
AntioxidantNutritionMetabolismHuman nutrition

Question 7: [18] Confirmation can be done through ________.
Ionizing radiationRadiation therapyX-rayNuclear fusion

Question 8: ________ (acetaminophen), is commonly used to treat the pain from OA, and was recommended in 16 of 16 guidelines evaluated in a 2007 review of existing guidelines.

Question 9: Another type of NSAID, ________ (such as celecoxib, rofecoxib and valdecoxib) have often been used but are no more effective than the other NSAIDs.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugIbuprofenAspirinCOX-2 inhibitor

Question 10: This type of OA is a chronic degenerative disorder related to but not caused by ________, as there are people well into their nineties who have no clinical or functional signs of the disease.
Developmental biologyDeathHuman development (biology)Ageing

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