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Oskar Gröning: Quiz


Question 1: He returned to ________ to lead a relatively normal life, preferring not to discuss his association with Auschwitz.

Question 2: [2] He joined the Scharnhorst, the Stahlhelm's youth organization as a small boy in the 1930s, and later the ________ when the Nazis came to power in 1933.
SturmabteilungNeo-NazismNazismHitler Youth

Question 3: Gröning was born in ________ as the son of a strict conservative and skilled textile worker.
SalzgitterLower SaxonyOsnabrückBraunschweig

Question 4: After school, he got a job as a trainee bank clerk, but inspired by Germany's military victories in France and Poland, subsequently joined the ________.
Nazi GermanyWaffen-SSSchutzstaffelAxis powers

Question 5: During his childhood, he joined various nationalist youth groups, including the Hitler Youth when the Nazis came to power in 1933, convinced that Nazism was advantageous to ________.

Question 6: They then watched as an SS man put on a gas mask and emptied a tin of ________ into a hatch in the cottage wall.
Auschwitz concentration campGas chamberThe HolocaustZyklon B

Question 7: Gröning wanted to join an elite army unit and set his sights on joining the ________.
Nazi GermanyAxis powersWaffen-SSSchutzstaffel

Question 8: Oskar Gröning (in English: Groening) (born 1921) was a German SS-Rottenführer at ________.
Operation ReinhardAction T4Auschwitz concentration campTreblinka extermination camp

Question 9: However, he decided to make it public after learning about ________, and has since openly criticised those who deny the events that he witnessed, and the ideology he once subscribed to.
The HolocaustHolocaust denialAdolf HitlerNew World Order (conspiracy theory)

Question 10: Born in ________, Gröning's mother died when he was four.
BraunschweigLower SaxonySalzgitterOsnabrück

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